Sunday, August 2, 2009

It’s About Faith and Unity

Ilea and I were talking this past Sunday about all the changes going on with KEZA right now. It's an exciting time. We've spent the last three years building something beautiful, and now it's time to start living it out.

When working in an organization like this, it's important to constantly check our perspective. KEZA is not about beads or jewelry or fashion. It's not even about business. It's about providing the women with something they can believe in; each other and their own inherent ability. We are about fostering faith, and unity (ubuntu). We're taking an industry that is typically known for being self centered, materialistic and superficial and we're turning it into something truly beautiful. We're taking that power and using it for good.

We truly are blessed. We have an outstanding team that has become family. We get to live in community with 37 amazing women and their children. It's surreal. And even with all of the crazy things we endure here, the most prevalent and pervasive feeling we experience is gratefulness; for the opportunity to be part of something so powerful. People often thank us for our "great sacrifice" in serving these women in Africa. But I assure you, it is no sacrifice at all. It is an honor, and I could not possibly imagine another life than this. Life truly is beautiful.

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